Terms and conditions

For purposes of this contract will be known to the RivieraMaya.Fishing as “the company” and to the contracting of some services rendered here as “the client”.

“The company” is committed to providing services here provided in a timely manner as we describe each of them.

“The Client” agrees to give a deposit via paypal online to sales@rivieramaya.fishing account to guarantee the preparations related to the service.

“The Client” agrees to pay the balance in cash the day and time agreed for the departure of any of the services offered here.

“The Client” agrees to follow the safety instructions provided by any of our guides and captains during the duration of the service.

“The Client”, you can cancel or reschedule a service with 24 hours in advance, and you can claim back 100% of your deposit without generating charge (except in special cases such as income of more than 30% of the fleet).

“The Client” agrees to arrive at the agreed time at the agreed place as the case, with no more than 20 min. Delay.